Friday, March 31, 2006

Your favorite wife and a little bits too!

Both Your Favorite Wife and Scribbles & Bits were the winners of the border riddle. The border was indeed made from the black dots you see, which is really a plastic basket full of drawing items. I tried to fool you with some color tinting, but it didn't work very well! For Your Favorite Wife: I've made a collage by using the base image from your beautiful photography gallery. Then taking a look at your musical and movie interests I introduced images into the windows, trying all the while to make them look as though they actually are behind the window (including your other window photograph), excluding of course the boys! I am including an image of all the original parts. Hope you like it!

Since I previously made scribbles a large winning image, I've made you a mini matching component! It's based on some text that's on your website, so it should fit seamlessly. Congrats (again)!

Newspaper fabric belt

Made my first belt tonight (okay, excluding those leather ones I made in high school - good thing I have no idea where they are). I stitched up a tube of newspaper fabric, a buckle, and then ironed. All done. The right side of the image is my favorite clip of newspaper coverage on the belt. Looking forward to your comments. Yes, this is a riddle too, can you tell what item from the picture I made the border from?

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Alaphrench is the winner of the latest border riddle. I made the top image for you based on your profile interests. The top image is yours to keep, congratulations! The bottom image shows you what the original images looked like when I started out. You can see that I replaced the window pictures with the images on the right. I also had to create a frame for the angel, which is modified from the frame in the original image up on your top left corner. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chained heart

Light bulb moment today: I made a plushie heart sewn with a ribbon top, stuffed it with batting and adorned it onto a chain. What do you think? Click the image to enlarge.
We have another riddle, can you guess what item from the photo I created the border from? I might have made a slight modification...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fabric Bracelets

I spent a day trying to see if I could create some bracelets. The top row of the image was my first attempt. I then felt confidant enough to use fabric that I really liked and made the second row bracelet. The third is made of velvet, which was sort of difficult to sew but with some patience it worked out. I suppose we don't need a riddle this time with my border because it's so obvious! Anyway, looking forward to your thoughts. Click here to see an enlarged image or click the image.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Nico is the winner of the latest border riddle. I made you/her this picture (from images on your site) as a prize. The border was indeed made from the black and white spotted book that is behind the sewing machine. Since the houndstooth was the same colors and had a pattern it made it a little more difficult. Those who guessed the houndstooth did guess well, my husband thought it was the houndstooth too!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Velvet, lace and houndstooth

Three of my favorites in this flower pin that I made tonight. I also made another border and it has another riddle for you, can you tell what the edges are made from? It's from somewhere in the photo : ) Click to enlarge.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scribbles & Bits

Here is your prize Scribbles & bits. Since this was made for you from scratch you can use it for what ever you like. I tried to use the same colors as on your website. Click the image and then right click and 'save picture as' to store on your hard drive.

Aranzi card

Here is the card I made using an Aranzi stamp, this is the one that I have mentioned in our discussions (where we have been talking about use of the characters) . I put a ruler on the front of the card to align the stamps in rows and then emboss. Simple border this time!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Far away fabric

So it finally arrived, the order from over seas. Here are some photos of the fabric. I couldn't resist making another border, can you tell what the right and left sides are?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hand designed cards

These were the first set of cards that I designed. I made each one different and gave them as a set. Made in one day, it was a mix of embossing, stamping, cardstock punching, layering, gluing, and brad snipping! I can't tell you how much fun I had making these. I have been thinking of perhaps expanding my online jewelry shop to include card sets, little fleece critters/pins and other crafty items. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see something like these cards there. Of course this would be some day when I have more time to create some bulk items and more time to put the additional shop jazz up online. I don't know how long that would be with my current animation project, but I would still like to hear your thoughts. And who knows, sometimes the old multi tasking kicks in or sometimes when one works on a project for so long it can be a nice change of scenery to temporarily work on another. This image is only one row of a larger picture, I had to crop the original size to fit on the blog properly. To see the whole photo of all the cards Click HERE!

Mr. Snake update

I know I'm cross blogging here, but for those of you who read the first post on Mr. Snake and have been patiently awaiting more news on him, click here!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flower pin

So here is one of the gifts I mentioned earlier. I made this flower pin out of fleece, leaving an opening to stuff the batting when I was done. I stitched two layers of flowers on the front and a genuine swarovski crystal in the center of the flowers. The two small center layered flowers were part of a very inexpensive craft kit that had different shapes in this shiny material as well as pipe cleaners, ribbon, sequins and glitter. Each of the flowers probably cost pennies. I stitched the pin back on with embroidery floss and then stitched the open petal up with the same thread from the sewing machine that I had used for the main fleece flower section. I learned a lot from creating this little guy. When I turned my flower right side out, my fleece puckered and I was disappointed especially since I had done so well going around the corners on the machine. I went to bed that night and while I lay there I remembered some panel dolls I had worked on in the past and recalled that they had lines on them for snipping the center of the turns, I tried it on the flower and it was perfect. Now I know what to do!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Swell Stuff

Today I received my order from Kumi's wonderful online shop! I was so surprised and pleased at how fast it arrived! Here is a photo of the goods. In the photo you can see that I created a border, the Bambi that you see I actually isolated for use from the photo of the Bambi fabric, it's the same Bambi that you see enlarged on the right. I also made an animated avatar for you out of it, click here to get yours. Thanks again Kumi! I couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Morning Glory

I've finished a bundle of projects but since they are gifts I can't put them up! Sometime around the middle of the month I will be able to share them with you! In the meantime this is a photo of my artist apron, which will be great in protecting from ink spatter produced by the Gocco and solder splashes produced by the jewelry making. Seems a shame to dirty up such cuteness but it's better than the alternative. I got this at a Morning Glory shop which I found by accident. I have been going to Joanne's forever and only recently on an emergency run for embroidery floss did I notice a whole area of Japanese and Chinese shops in the same strip mall. Lucky for me I decided to investigate!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My new friend

I finished making this little guy (girl?) tonight. He will be placed inside of the happy tote (see my previous post) and given to my niece (hence the "J" initial) on the heart. The corner right image was my somewhat fuzzy attempt at photographing the tag which says "Made especially for you by Gina Miller", I really like those personalized touches, anyway that's what you see in the top left picture peeking out from his left leg. Second plushie down! Click image to enlarge.