Sunday, February 26, 2006


Photos of my two blythe dolls. If you don't know the history of Blythe, she was a doll produced by Kenner in 1972 and was manufactured for only one year before she was taken off the market. Some speculate that with her oversized head and large color changing eyes there was a creep factor that did not play well to children, but these are exactly the reasons why adults find them interesting. Many years later a photographer took the vintage dolls with her on her world travels using the doll as a model and muse upon foreign shores, her work was published in a book and a collectors everywhere scrambled to attain the elusive Blythe. Previously vintage Blythe dolls had been selling for 30 dollars but now suddenly the prices were stimulated into the thousands. Around this time Blythe became a fashion model, really, for a real runway fashion show. With such a demand inevitably Blythe would be reproduced by Hasbro. Mine of course are the current releases and not the pricey collector dolls. At first the replicas were just that, but for the last few years they have been produced from an original 1972 mold, these are called "supreme blythes". I have some creative aspirations for my dolls, but I have some bigger priority projects right now. If I ever get around to acheving this vision, I will let you in on it. This image is a collage I made of my dolls with some ultra saturated background images, can you find the Nanogirl? The rose you see is a custom brush I made and have turned into an avatar for you. You can get it here at the library under the 100X100 section.


Blogger Monica said...

we were one of the rare people to won one and for shame it was really messed up all melt marks on her face and such and I sold her to japan :( she was the blonde one

12:31 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Did you win one on Ebay or was it an actual prize from somewhere? Sorry that it wasn't as it should have been, that would be so disappointing.

1:21 AM  

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