Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quick fix

This petite doll was originally sporting a gold lame' jumpsuit (see above section of image). I removed it and simply wrapped ribbon (which she is standing next to) around her and tied black string around her waist for a halter type dress. Houndstooth is one of my favorite prints, I wish it was this easy to make a houndstooth dress in people size. Next Thursday is my birthday and I have a feeling that I might be lucky enough to get a full size version of this doll, I'll let you know : )


Blogger fusionlin said...

Happy Birthday To Nanogirl !
Thanks for wrote one word on Aurashare blog, please visit

iGuru -

I got a similar processing story in my life as yours, but arts seems could not cover me again, so far, great souls take off from high land of spirit...Do you like Dakshina/Deva Premal ? and Singing Blows ?

You have a lovely blog and beautiful mind too.

7:01 PM  
Blogger fusionlin said...


I do enjoy your fractals alots.... The sky from within is so peace and colorful ....You may saw this before-

Hyperstills Ambient by John Vega from


7:21 PM  
Blogger naturallynice said...

Happy Birthday!

The doll looks so much more elegant now!

Thanks for visiting.


2:43 AM  
Blogger *Kumi said...

Happy Birthday to Gina.
Hope you had a great day, my dear!

lots of love from japan...

4:49 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Hi fusionlin - very techno gadget blog. No, not into Dakshina but thank you so much for your compliment. Fractals are amazing aren't they! I am fascinated by things infinite. At one point I had memorized close to 4 hundred digits of pi, but since I stopped practicing and adding numbers on every day, I can barely remember the obvious three! Anyway, thanks for the link and for coming around : )

Hi there naturallynice, boy your name sure does suit you! Thank you, thank you!

kumi you are so sweet, thank you for the birthday wishes. Not sure if I want to go to Jo-Ann super stores (craft & sewing shop) or the Hello Kitty store on my birthday (if there was an animation store I would go there), but I'll take some photos and put them up to let you know! Wish I could go to Japan! I love so many things from there. I was thinking about learning at the bare minimum how to read Japanese, is it difficult with all the characters? Hugs to you!

10:51 PM  

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